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Here comes the HERO

LED screen market develops in quantum leaps. But certain technical flaws of tech still remain. These are the problems with a contrast range, service life of light diodes, speed and ease of assembling of constructions and even design of screens. In our endeavor to solve these problems by achieving of a new level of quality and reliability we implemented new solutions and created a truly the best product on the market of rental LED screens.
Efforts of engineers of ARENAlux embodied in an absolutely special series of screens Hero Pro. In this review, we’ll observe the main technical and visual peculiarities of the novelty, tell about its service life and guarantees on Hero Pro screens.
Design of the backing is the essential aspect of appearance of LED screens.
ARENAlux company became one of the first manufacturers who seriously developed visual characteristics of screens. As a rule, earlier only a few developers paid attention on external design of displays, especially of their backing.
But the market develops and calls the shots to appearance of products. As a rule, modern rental companies face situations when during installation of LED constructions rear side of screens appears to be visible. The most often such situations appear when screens are installed on exhibitions, installations, different presentations and outdoor events. Not always a construction looks like a closed cabinet, and thus absolutely unsightly backing appears visible and ruins the aesthetics of the entire construction.
We are glad to inform that since today the problem of design has been fundamentally solved! In development of the new line there took part a professional design bureau OITO. As a result, there was created an absolutely outstanding design of Hero Pro LED screens. Except the design of the frontal side we devoted attention to specifically backside, the rear side of displays. Now the backside has respectable appearance in the best traditions of Hi-Tech.
Ritzy design of rear part of Hero Pro screens answers modern global tendencies, it is readily recognizable and stands out from other brands. We are sure that professionals of global the rental industry will duly appreciate advantages of all-sides easthetically beautiful appearance of the novelty!
Enhanced technical characteristics of Hero Pro series LED screens
Another problem of LED screens successfully solved by developers of Hero Pro is a significant increase of a contrast range of light-emitting diode screens and an increase of a general reliability rate and a easiness of a module assembly. To fulfill this task, we have used the newest light diodes with black surface Black Face SMD. This allowed us to increase the contrast range and sharpness of a picture during the outer illumination of the highest range. Beside that in production of Hero Pro screens there are used high-quality four-layer printing boards and by tradition the best drivers: MBI5153, MBI5252 and MBI5151 which are the world leaders in light-bulb technologies. The question of energy saving has also been duly solved. The average power consumption of screens makes only 278 w/m2.
As for ease and speed of an assembly of cabinets and other constructions from ARENAlux Hero Pro screens, here there the best available technologies are used. Such as: firm light and universal aluminum elements and locks like Fast Lock. This allows to easily assembly the most unusual constructions, eases transportation of equipment, provides universality and interchangeability of details. It is worth noting that ARENAlux is the direct manufacturer of equipment and on our plant there get produced 50% of all the components and additional components get supplied by the leaders of LED technologies.
Warranty is 100 000 hours of work and also service support is 24/7
Impressive performance measures tell the best about longevity of Hero Pro series screens: 100 thousand of hours of guaranteed work (at 50% of brightness), advanced protection classes IP 40, IP 65, and also a backup service during 3 years on the entire new line! ARENAlux company responsibly treats its warranty liabilities and warranty covers all the elements of a product.
In warranty case, rapid exchange of a broken element on a new one gets done. Agree that it is an important advantage for a dynamically working rental company which allows it to work flawlessly!
Here we end up our brief review of the advanced series of LED screes Hero Pro. We remind that you can get more detailed information about characteristics and specifications and also to purchase a product you are interested in by the contacts specified on the website.
Besides, the undeniable advantage is the availability of the product, because you can order Hero Pro LED screens from any part of the world due to partnership of ARENAlux company with the biggest international carriers. We offer you to use all the benefits and advantages of the equipment from the leading manufacturer right now!

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